Mai & Ryan’s Enchanting Catskills Wedding


Amidst the rustic charm of the Catskills sits Handsome Hollow in Long Eddy, NY, where Mai and Ryan celebrated their magical love story in a whimsical wedding that left everyone speechless. The picturesque barn setting provided the perfect backdrop for this fairy tale occasion. As the sun set, the dance floor came alive with the electrifying tunes of The Barnstorm, who rocked the night away. Their soulful melodies and infectious energy had guests dancing non-stop, creating an atmosphere of pure joy and celebration.

Mai and Ryan’s special day was a true reflection of their love, with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and cherished moments that will be etched in their hearts forever. This whimsical Catskills wedding was nothing short of enchanting, leaving lasting memories for everyone fortunate enough to share in their joyous celebration.

For more photos from this epic wedding, click here!

Vendor Team:

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