Behind the Scenes with a Wedding Band

Creating Your Perfect Day with The Barnstorm

Wedding parties are always a special and memorable occasion. Having a band to provide live music always adds an extra level of excitement and atmosphere to the event. If you’ve been to a wedding that The Barnstorm was playing, then you already know that we Bring The Party! But what goes on behind the scenes? We’d like to share just a little bit of the preparation that goes into a wedding with The Barnstorm.

First and foremost, The Barnstorm will spend time rehearsing and perfecting their set list. This usually includes a mix of classic love songs, more upbeat dance numbers, and most importantly the special songs that are specific to each couple (first dance, parent dances, etc.). We also work with our couples to ensure we’re hitting any must-play songs.

On the day of the wedding, The Barnstorm’s audio and lighting crew will arrive at the venue early to set up the PA and Lighting rig, as well as perform a soundcheck, ensuring that the band sounds its best, and that all of the technical details are taken care of before we put on the jackets and have everything looking “wedding ready” before guests arrive. Speaking of the ceremony, if we’re contracted to play your ceremony and/or cocktail hour, we’ll make sure those PA installations are set up beforehand as well.

The Barnstorm will work with your planner and/or venue manager to ensure we’ve got the same timeline and that our emcee knows about all of the cues (announcing dinner, first dances, cake cutting, etc.). We typically will play a short set prior to dinner, take a short break to eat, then play a longer dance party set after dinner to close out the night. However, no two weddings are alike and we always work with our clients to ensure the perfect timeline for their reception is in place.

One of the most important responsibilities of a wedding party band is keeping the energy high and the dance floor packed. Nobody does this better than The Barnstorm. Whether the dance floor is calling for a slow dance song, a high-energy banger, or anything in between, we know how to read a crowd and deliver the perfect song.

What we’ve learned about being in the wedding industry is that you have to be adaptable and able to roll with the punches to make sure the wedding reception is a success. Again, this is a specialty of The Barnstorm. Sometimes, the caterers need us to play another couple of songs in order to get all of the entrees out. Sometimes the guests need one more song (or two?) to send them off into the night on an incredible high. The Barnstorm always rises to the occasion!

Overall, being a part of a wedding party band is a lot of hard work, but also a rewarding and enjoyable experience. From our perspective, we feel honored to experience each couple’s greatest day of their lives (so far). Seeing the joy on the faces of the newlyweds and their family & friends as they sing and dance the night away is a truly special moment for all of us in The Barnstorm.

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